10 Best B2B Marketing Blogs

The internet can be a crowded place, and we often get inundated with content. However, if you are able to cut through the abundance of schlock out there, there are some fantastic B2B marketing blogs that can offer you immense value.

We wanted to highlight for you our top 10 b2b marketing blogs.

Please note, this list is in no particular order.

Top 10 Best B2B Marketing Blogs


1. Hubspot


HubSpot B2B Marketing Blog


Believe it or not, the phrase “Inbound Marketing” was coined by… you guessed it, Hubspot.

As described by Hubspot, Inbound Marketing consists of 3 main stages:

  1. Attract potential customers with great content
  2. Engage leads with strategies like email marketing
  3. Delight your customers so that they can become advocates

Hubspot’s blog is incredibly active, with almost two blog posts per day on average.

They cover topics that focus on the three stages of Inbound Marketing, as well as overall B2B marketing best practices.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Hubspot: 

2. Oktopost


Oktopost B2B Marketing Blog


While there are many B2B marketers out there, Oktopost takes a unique approach to its blog.

Given that Oktopost is a social media marketing tool for B2B, their blog content is mainly focused on leveraging social media for B2B marketing.

While many B2B marketers overlook social media, Oktopost provides real, actionable insights into how to best scale your B2B social media marketing.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Oktopost’s Blog:

3. Scalable B2B


Scalable B2B Marketing


No list would be complete without some blatant self-promotion.

In all seriousness, Scalable B2B sets itself apart from other B2B marketing blogs by the mere fact that it was created by B2B marketers, for B2B marketers.

Scalable B2B publishes both in-house written content, as well as community-submitted content.

The great thing about Scalable B2B is that we aren’t promoting our service or product – our primary purpose to provide you, the B2B marketer, with the best insights, tips, and actionable tools to scale your company’s marketing and fill your pipeline.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Scalable B2B:

4. Pardot Blog


Pardot B2B Marketing Blog


Purchased by Salesforce in 2013, Pardot was then incorporated into Salesforce’s “Marketing Cloud” along with ExactTarget.

The Pardot blog, unsurprisingly, is heavily focused on B2B marketing as it relates to marketing automation.

While the blog clearly promotes Pardot and other Salesforce related solutions, the content they provide offers some amazingly valuable information for B2B marketers.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Pardot Blog: 

5. B2BMarketing.net Blog


b2bmarketing.net b2b marketing blog


It’s hard not to include the B2B Marketing Blog in a list of… well, B2B marketing blogs.

This extremely active blog focuses on a wide range of B2B marketing topics and includes writers with diverse backgrounds within B2B marketing.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on B2BMarketing.net: 

6. Bizible


Bizible B2B Marketing Blog


Just like HubSpot’s ability to claim the name “Inbound Marketing,” Bizible came up with its own phrase – Pipeline Marketing.

Bizible, which is owned by Marketo (and now Adobe), is a solution for marketing performance management and revenue attribution – a badly needed tool for all B2B marketers.

The content on their blog is heavily focused on the attribution side of B2B marketing, which makes sense given the solution that they provide.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Bizible: 

7. Madison Logic


Madison Logic B2B Marketing Blog


Account-Based Marketing is all the rage these days and this blog is the place to go if you want to learn more about how to leverage ABM for B2B marketing.

Madison Logic, given their expertise in the field of ABM solutions, has an amazing variety of content that gives real insights and tips to marketers looking to learn more about ABM.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Madison Logic: 

8. Heinz Marketing


Heinz Marketing B2B Marketing Blog


In the world of B2B, sales and marketing are often so closely aligned, they are sometimes indistinguishable.

That’s why the Heinz Marketing blog is focused on providing value from both the sales and marketing side of B2B.

Heinz Marketing, owned by B2B marketing thought-leader Matt Heinz, is an agency that focuses on helping B2Bs fill their sales pipelines with amazing B2B marketing tactics.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Heinz Marketing:

9. Yesler


Yesler B2B Marketing Blog


Yesler is a Seatle-based B2B marketing agency with tons of experience and immense passion for B2B marketing.

Their blog is a fantastic resource for B2B marketers who want to find out actionable advice about how to leverage the latest B2B marketing tactics and strategies.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Yesler: 

10. Marketing Envy


marketing envy b2b marketing blog


Marketing Envy is a startup-focused B2B marketing agency.

As such, their blog content is heavily focused on B2B marketing for startups and technology generally.

One of the great things about Marketing Envy’s blog is their focus on more cutting-edge tactics of B2B marketing, such as Reddit or leveraging hashtags within LinkedIn.

Our Favorite Blog Posts on Marketing Envy:

In conclusion…


With all the noise out there in the blog-o-sphere, Scalable B2B is maniacally focused on providing the highest caliber B2B marketing content for our readers.

Being featured as a top B2B marketing blog by Feedspot is thrilling and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide you – the B2B marketer – with amazing content to help you maneuver through a changing world.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get amazing B2B marketing content sent directly to your mailbox.

With all the new technologies, tactics, strategies, and trends out there, we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the B2B marketing world – so you can focus on scaling your B2B marketing and crushing your goals.

Just getting started in B2B marketing?


When you are just getting started with B2B marketing, the wealth of knowledge available can often feel overwhelming.

If you try to learn everything, it will be like trying to boil the ocean.

The best thing to do is start with the basics – read up on B2B Email Marketing, B2B SEO, and B2B blog writing.

Those are going to be the bedrock of your B2B marketing going forward.

Good luck!




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