3 Content Creators All B2B Marketers Should Follow

We all need people to look up to, people who inspire us to get out of the bed in the morning and strive for greatness.

B2B startup folks wake up every day waiting for the next fire to put out. Often times, those fires are completely unexpected and require quick thinking. However, by following the guidance of some amazing content creators, you may find yourself better able to deal with those fires without losing your cool.

I decided to put together a list of the top 3 creators that I think every B2B founder should be following. Check them out, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channels!

3 People All B2B Founders Should Follow… Today



Now, I am going to make an assumption that if you are reading this post, you probably know who Gary V is.

For those few that don’t, it’s not too late.

Gary V is an entrepreneur, YouTube legend, motivator, author, podcaster and owner of one of the largest media agencies in New York. His YouTube shows The DaillyVeeand The #AskGaryVee Show are both required watching for any founder.

Gary first entered the scene when he began producing a YouTube show (before YouTube was really a thing) about wine, called WineLibraryTV. Through using the YouTube medium, Gary did something no other business person had done – he bypassed the gated world of paid media (TV and Radio) and went straight to the masses.

Gary eventually made some extremely successful investments in startups (heard of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr?) and branched out into the tech world. He now runs VaynerMedia and its various subsidiaries.

Gary’s content is no-holds-barred, in your face, straight to the point kind of stuff. If you want something lovey-dovey, Gary isn’t your guy.

Gary’s content is motivational, but not overly fluffy. Gary provides real and actionable insights to business issues, which is particularly useful for founders of B2Bs.

Note, if you don’t like swearing, you might not love Gary’s content.


There are few people that have made quite the name for themselves in marketing at Neil Patel has. He’s built a number of multi-million dollar businesses, and he stands as the go-to thought leader when it comes to everything SEO.

While Gary V is more a force of his own personality, Neil focuses on providing easily digestible and highly useful content, especially his videos. These tend to be less than 5 minutes long, but always provide something you can do right now to get value.

If you aren’t reading his content yet, definitely check it out. But it’s his audio and video content that I find the most useful.

On a personal note, Neil has suggested mentioning someone you respect in your post and then sharing it with them, in the hopes that they might share it with their audience. So, Neil, if you are reading – I’m doing what you said 🙂 Feel free to share.


I actually only recently found Chris’ content, and I have to say it has really blown me away. What I really enjoy about his vlogging is that he comes off as 100% honest. Many people on YouTube on blogs, especially when it comes to the world of startups and/or marketing, can be real hucksters – selling themselves as far more than they are.

Chris is the opposite.

He comes off as humble and always willing to give deep insights into business problems and tactics that he has developed.

Chris is the founder and CEO of the West Coast creative agency, Blind. A lot of his content centers around the processes that he has put in place in his own agency, as well as feedback from his employees on how they deal with issues as they arise.

If you haven’t done so yet, subscribe to his channel “The Futur” – it’s amazing.

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